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StickySheets remove pet hair from furniture, clothing, car interiors, bedspreads, stairs, rugs and more! Also try StickySheets on broken glass, craft projects, confetti, pine needles, threads, and dust bunnies. Our customers also use StickySheets to laminate up to poster-size, adhere USPS, eBay and Paypal shipping labels...
What will you do with StickySheets?

They Don't Stick To Themselves
Q: Do they stick to themselves like tape or like plastic wrap?
A: No. Unlike plastic wrap, StickySheets are specially formulated to pull apart easily if they should stick to themselves.
They Are HUGE!
Q: Just how big are StickySheets?
A: StickySheets are BIG: 23" x 35", making 6 square feet of hair-gripping surface per sheet- more than enough to cover most chairs.
VERY Easy To Use
Q: How do I use StickySheets?
A: StickySheets have an easy to use backing which takes the hassle out of cleaning pet hair and lint off of upholstery. Simply peel off the top strip, stick the sheet to the item you wish to clean, and then pull the rest of the backing off. Check out this video on How To Use StickySheets
StickySheets Are Reusable
Q: How many times can I use a single StickySheet on a surface before discarding it?
A: A StickySheet can be used on an average of 5-6 surfaces before discarding, and up to 10 or more surfaces in some situations. This number may increase or decrease depending on the amount of hair or lint on the surfaces you wish to clean. Remember: firm, even pressure increases the adhesive bond to the hair (you can even sit on it!).
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Q: Are StickySheets guaranteed?
A: Yes! Your satisfaction is guaranteed one hundred percent. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, just send the remaining portion back to us with a short description of your concern. We'll gladly refund your purchase price or send you another pack of StickySheets. Nobody's perfect but we sure try our best!

StickySheets Featured on 'The View"

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC-TV’s “The View” morning talk show, named StickySheets one of “Whoopi’s Must-Haves” products.

“You know those little things that you use from time to time, stuff you’d be lost without?” Goldberg said about StickySheets and the other six products featured on the segment. “This is all the stuff that I love, this is all the things that I cannot do without.”

Goldberg and fellow co-host Joy Behar demonstrated StickySheets on a gold chair covered with pet hair. “I have a cat who is always shedding for no good reason,” Goldberg told the audience as she pressed our 2-by-3 foot adhesive sheet to the chair. “This is the greatest….and it works! You can use it anywhere.” When she ripped the sheet up, removing all the pet hair it had covered, Behar exclaimed, “Look at that, it’s a miracle!” Behar quickly stepped in and grabbed the sheet from Goldberg, to try it herself, cleaning all of the hair from the remainder of the chair. “This is my favorite!” Behar exclaimed. “Oh, my God! I’m in love with this.”

Goldberg first told the public about her love of StickySheets on “Wake Up With Whoopi,” her Clear Channel Radio show.


StickySheets Wins at Cat Fancy

When Cat Fancy Magazine looked at all the new products for cats in 2006, StickySheets was in the company of a few other great products who all received the Editors' Choice Pet Product of The Year award. StickySheets was first introduced in mid 2005 but got noticed just months after by the oldest and biggest cat magazine - What an honor!


StickySheets Wins at Pet Product News

The editorial team at Pet Product News International reviewed and tested hundreds of products and chose 23 out of the thousands on the market. Decisions like this are never easy, but in the end, it came down to originality, visual appeal and effectiveness. StickySheets made the grade!
Pet Product News Awards

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